Seven Cards Stud, A Popular Game

Seven Card Stud is a popular game that can be played in physical as well as online casinos. One such onlinecasino is togel sgp where people can play this game. There are many other games available on this website and people can play the one, which they feel that they can win. Seven card stud is a game in which each player gets seven cards and they have to make a hand with five cards and discard the other two. People like to play the game in online casinos like togel sgp as they can play the game comfortably at their home. There are some rules which people have to follow in order to play the game and these rules are discussed here.


The first thing that each player has to do is to post ante. This is a small amount which helps in making the pot at the initial stage. Betting has to be started on the size of the pot. The amount of ante is fixed for each player.

First round of betting or third street

After the posting of ante, the dealer starts dealing the cards. Each player gets three cards out of which two are face down and the third one is face up. The player who has got the face up card of the lower rank has to start betting. He can choose small bet or full bet to start betting. The player sitting to his left is the next player to take action.

Second round of betting or fourth street

In this round, the dealer has to deal one card to each active player with ace up. This time, the player having the face up cards of highest poker value has to start betting. He can either call or raise the size of the pot and the betting round continues in clockwise direction.

Third round of betting or fifth street

In this round also, each player receives a single card with face up and the player having the cards of highest poker value has to start taking actions. From this round onwards, the increment is based on big bet.

Fourth round of betting or sixth street

In this round, each player receives an exposed card and rest of the things is the same as the previous round.

Fifth round of betting or seventh street

This is the last round of betting in which each player receives a card with face down. The player having the cards of the highest poker value has to start betting.

The showdown

The showdown depends upon the number of active player remaining after the last round of betting. In the case of single player, no showdown occurs and he is declared as winner. In the case of more than one player, they have to show the cards and the player having the best hand is declared as winner.

Wrapping Up

These are the rules of seven card stud and players need to be familiar with them in order to play it successfully.

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