Christmas Lights: How To Make Sure Your Circuit Does Not Overload

People who love to celebrate Christmas are always excited when it is time to put up the Christmas light installation. In fact, many families all across the country use the installation process as a way to bond and cement traditions. However, the tradition of putting up the lights is usually saved for just the tree and other interior holiday lights.

Because when it comes to outdoor holiday lighting, many actually search for Christmas light installation near me and leave it to the pros. Whether or not your family does the setup DIY style or if you prefer to hire experts in holiday light installation there is one important factor to account for — circuit overloading.

Here are a few important reminders that will ensure no circuit or string of lights fall victim to overloading this coming holiday season:

#1 – Switch To LED Lights

Most of the holiday lights that are hidden in the attic are still incandescent lights. Although they have served their purpose in the past, it is time to invest in LED lights this year. LED lights consume only 20% of the energy incandescent lights do, which means circuits are less likely to overload.

LED lights will also save you a ton of money because they will lower your energy bill significantly, even if you keep the lights on for an extra hour every night.

#2 – Consult With The Pros

Long before the holiday rush starts, already look for Christmas light installation near me professionals. The experts are trained to design and install the holiday lights safely so that you don’t have to worry about any circuit failures once you switch on the lights for the night.

Professional light installers have different tricks and techniques to ensure safety without compromising the design and impact of your Christmas lights. If you want a safe, well-lit, and beautiful home this holiday season, consult and work with the pros as soon as possible.

#3 – Turn The Lights Off

No matter how beautiful and attractive the light display is, there is no need to keep them on 24/7. The lights should only be on long enough to attract the attention of your neighbors and impress them, but there they shouldn’t be kept running during the day or in the middle of the night.

Give the lights more than enough time to cool off, the longer they are not used for the day, the less likely they will overheat and cause circuit problems.

#4 – Spread It Out

Don’t plug in all the lights into one socket, that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. Spread out the lights so that the chances of a circuited overload are lessened.

#5 – Use Other Decorations

Let the Christmas light installation pros know that you are up for other holiday decorations, not just lights. This way your home will still look festive, but overheating and overloading will no longer be a concern.

The experts will gladly take this advice into consideration when planning and designing your holiday lights and decor this year.

Holiday Light Installers of Chicago can make life so much easier for you with our Christmas light installation services. If you’re looking for Christmas light installation near me, our team of holiday lights pros should be on top of your list!

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