Importance of Individualised Learning at Kumon

The purpose of most tuition centres for kids is to help a student catch up with the scholarly materials. Most parents opt for Kumon initially for the same reason. But Kumon English and Maths classes offer much more than regular tuitions. Kumon empowers students for self-learning, rather than preparing them for a particular assessment or test. The children enrolled at Kumon work towards building self-learning abilities, ensuring that they don’t have to depend on others’ knowledge and skills.

One of the key aspects of the Kumon method is the implementation of individualised learning. It allows every student to learn and grow at a level that is best suited for their academic abilities, regardless of school grade or age and then advance beyond their current school grade level at their own pace.

What is Individualised Learning?

The individualised instructions offered by Kumon help a child develop his/her ability to the maximum. The level of ability of children depends on the environment in which they are raised and their natural aptitude. If all students are made to learn the same content just because they are of the same age, some of them might feel the materials to be difficult while others might feel it easy and will get bored. Therefore, each student must be provided with the materials that are best suited for their academic capabilities.

During their time in Kumon, instructors provide students with materials for English and Maths classes that have individualised instructions suitable for their ability levels. The degree of mastery of the content is also taken into consideration by the instructors before designing these individualised learning materials.

Students pave their way to becoming enthusiastic learners

Being at Kumon, students start their studies at a level where they can receive perfect scores easily. With the help of individualised materials and self-learning techniques, they advance at their own pace. Studying at a level appropriate to their ability, students repeatedly experience a sense of accomplishment and become enthusiastic learners, alongside increasing their academic abilities.

At Kumon, reaching the optimal level of study is referred to as the student’s “just-right” level of study. The students who need to be challenged and those who cannot keep up with the classes, both can develop their ability to the maximum while studying at the “just-right” level.

Advancing beyond school grade level

Beginning study from a level appropriate to their ability helps students in advancing at their own pace, notwithstanding their age or grade. For instance, students in third or fourth grade may start their Kumon study with addition and subtraction, if required. Students begin their studies at the level that they can handle without any problem. Through studying continuously at the “just right” level, students reach their school grade level and then advance beyond the materials that are being studied in their school classroom.

After advancing two to three years of school grade level, students become eager to attempt new challenges and develop qualities such as increased independence and a positive attitude toward learning.

Wrapping It Up

Advanced and individualised learning is the key to employment these days. The students enrolled in Kumon learn concepts of English and Mathematics all on their own which ultimately makes them ahead of their school grades. Unlike regular tuition classes for kids, the Kumon method of learning promotes advanced study which is considered more than just knowledge acquisition.

Both English and Maths classes at Kumon support students in developing their daily study habits through the individualised learning program to overcome challenges in their worksheets. For enrolling your kid in Kumon or know more about after school programs in india, please visit the website or contact us through call.

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