11 Dos And Don’ts During Your Wedding Food Tasting

While your guests may be excited to go to your wedding to celebrate your love, they’re definitely looking forward to the food as well. To ensure that your food will be up to par or even exceed their expectations, you need to nail the wedding food tasting. If you are planning on getting catering Reston VA, here are 11 dos and don’ts you should know during your wedding food tasting.

Keep a Budget in Mind

It’s easy to go overboard and go over your budget when you’re presented with all sorts of delicious food. Remember to tell the caterer what your budget is so they can plan accordingly.

Don’t Be Rude

Just because you are paying these people for their services, don’t be rude. Be nice and approachable to the waiter who’s serving you and give honest advice without insulting the food.

Choose a Caterer Near You

A crucial part of getting a good caterer is making sure they’re within the area of your wedding venue. There’s a chance they’ve even catered in that venue before and they’ll know their way around. For instance, you might want to get catering Reston VA if you are living in that area.

Bring Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner can give you tons of great input regarding your wedding. It is important because not only will the wedding planner know what you need, but they’ll make sure the food fits the theme, your budget, etc.

Observe the Staff

Another crucial thing to consider is the staff, especially if the catering service offers serving staff as well. Look at how attentive they are to see if they’re quick and efficient.

Don’t Procrastinate

You should never leave your wedding taste to the last minute. Prepare the wedding tasting months ahead of time so you won’t stress out about it and make the right choices.

Don’t Be Shy to Ask for Changes

A sign of a good caterer is if they are willing to change the menu or a few ingredients. You might like a certain dish but it could be better with a certain something, so don’t be shy to let them know.

Notice How the Food Is Served

There is a high chance that however the food is brought to you during the tasting is how it will be presented at your wedding. Is the food still warm when it reaches you? Does it look nice and pleasing to the eye? Keep these things in mind during the wedding tasting.

Do Be Prepared

You shouldn’t overstuff yourself before the wedding tasting. Don’t forget to avoid foods that are rich in flavor or overly sweet foods, that way your palate will be clean and ready during the tasting.

Don’t Go Drink Crazy

You don’t have to pick twenty different kinds of drinks. A few alcohol selections, juices, coffee, and tea should be fine.

Thank the Chef

You want the chef to make the best effort at your wedding. Don’t forget to personally thank them after the wedding tasting to show appreciation for their work.

Make sure your wedding food is perfect by following the 11 wedding tasting dos and don’ts!

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