Mark Roemer Examines the Downfall of Buying Cheap


There is an in-depth debate over whether or not you should buy cheap items. If buying cheap items leads to a downfall, then why do the markets exist in the first place? There is no denying the fact that affordable markets exist. Although some cheap products are worth your money, the majority are severely downgraded from premium ones. Let’s see what Mark Roemers has to say regarding the downfall of buying cheap.

The Problems

  1. Cheap Items Are Ineffective – Economic items are inefficient at their task. For instance, let’s talk about cheap detergent. Not only do they do a lousy job at cleaning your clothes, but they also have a hard time dissolving in water. People also complained that cheaper brands leave clumps of detergent within the clothing which harms the fibers in the long run. Some people with sensitive skin have reported itching and prefer a homemade mixture of liquid soap, vinegar, and water to cheaper alternatives.

  1. Cheap Products Break Easily – There is a reason that the laptop you bought costs a fraction of a premium product. The manufacturers have to cut expenses somewhere during the building process. Although the product performs well for the first few months, there is a high chance for it to malfunction. Moreover, cheaper brands do not have dedicated customer care services. You would have to contact a local technician if the laptop malfunctions. In the case of expensive electrical equipment, cheap products are considered a terrible investment.

  1. Quality Matters – Do you know what is the difference between a $2000 and a $500 sofa? Cheap products do not offer the same quality as the premium ones. An expensive sofa is likely to remain intact even after 20 years of usage. On the other hand, the cheaper counterpart might get all torn up after 5 years of usage. Consequently, you may end up spending more on repairs then you would have on buying a good quality sofa.

  1. Health Measures – Have you ever seen a person with a tattoo which is the result of spending thousands of dollars for a customized paint job? What about cheaper tattoo parlors? Why is there such a huge difference in cost and quality? It’s the equipment. Expensive tattoo parlors are safer as they implement proper safety measures to ensure their customers do not connect to any infections. They run a standard series of tests and use new and sterilized equipment, something which is not guaranteed in cheaper parlors. Choosing such a service greatly increases your health risks which might become fatal as well.

  1. Cheap Labor – Cheap labor might end up costing you thousands in maintenance services. When opting for electricians, plumbers, builders, etc. do not always go for the more affordable options. While some promise to do a great job, it is always better to get a second opinion from their other customers who have benefitted from their services. Cheap labor is tricky, so choose wisely.


As pointed out by Mark Roemer, these are a few of the many ways you can hit a downfall by availing cheap services. However, all affordable services are not bad, and it is advised that you conduct thorough research before availing any type of service.

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