Subliminal Messaging – Does it Really Work

The concept of the subliminal message was introduced in the year 1957 in a movie theater in New Jersey. Picnic, which was an Academy Award-winning film was on display. A renowned market researcher by the name of James Vickery came up with a new advertisement plan. He started on on screens after every five seconds. The interruptions for advertisement were so quick and fast which is, 1/3,000 of a second, that they could not be detected by a conscious mind. Yet, these fleeting advertisement campaigns of Coca-Cola and popcorn had increased the sales by 18 and 57{15480c2c7b281797dd0c29e68425ccdc00d302f468e5e58e6ee3687b6c8a74c2} respectively. 

Ever since, there have been skeptics, who have questioned these tactics. According to the concept of subliminal message, the subconscious mind receives a particular message and acts on it. However, the fact that there is no groundbreaking evidence to substantiate this claim, has left lots of people in a state of confusion. Do subliminal messages really work? This has been one of the most debated topics among marketing experts and psychologists from all over the world. Some are of the opinion that every single day, we come across such messages which create an impact on the human brain and make it work accordingly. However, there are many who are against this notion and they say that these messages are so brief and insignificant in nature that the human brain barely takes a note of them. And hence, the chances of them affecting human behavior are virtually nil. 

What do scientists have to say about subliminal messages? 

According to many scientists, subliminal messaging works in laboratories. The researchers conducted an experiment where they inserted more than a dozen frames of Coca-Cola cans and another few dozen of the word thirsty into a television episode which was known by the name of “The Simpsons”. It was reported that the participants of this experiment started feeling more thirstier which was recorded to be 27{15480c2c7b281797dd0c29e68425ccdc00d302f468e5e58e6ee3687b6c8a74c2} than they used to be before watching the show. Similarly, another experiment was conducted where participants were given a completed task and in the interim was shown ads on Lipton ice tea. This experiment was conducted in the year 2006, and it did show that subliminal messages had a reasonable amount of impact on the human mind, which triggered them to use this particular drink on various other kinds of beverages that were available. 

A Few facts about subliminal messaging that might interest you. 

There are a couple of interesting facts about subliminal messages which you might find to be quite interesting. There as follows. 

  • In 1897, an article was published on how subliminal messages work. By the time World War II arrived, this particular technique was used to train soldiers on how to spot and recognize enemy aircraft. 
  • Did you know that the world-renowned brand McDonald had resorted to the mechanism of subliminal messages into their advertisement campaigns? According to the company, they have experienced a tremendous hike in their sale, ever since they started using subliminal messaging in their advertisement campaigns. 
  • Former American president George W Bush during his election campaign, used this concept of subliminal messaging to good effect.

The entire concept of subliminal messaging is to hit your subconscious mind. And then, through the repeated occurrence of the same thing, it would trigger your mind to react in a certain manner. However, there are differences in opinion among the experts as to how effective subliminal messaging could be. Despite the fact that there has been a fair amount of success in the business world and various other sectors, experts are yet to come up with a conclusive and unanimous decision on it. 

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