Tips for Choosing the Right Weaning Cutlery

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After passing the first six months, the babies grow up enough to begin weaning. What you need is the right spoon, bowl and plate. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the kids’ plates. These must be made up of soft material in bright colors. You can select a sectional plate as well. Weaning is time consuming and full of stress time, so provide your kids the interesting equipment that keep them calm and make mealtime enjoyable. Use Mamas and Papas code to get the branded colorful spoons and plates.

Weaning Tips

  • Kids are not master of using cutlery. They cannot master the skill within a day, so have patience and let them practicing twice a day. You can help them by providing the right cutlery.
  • Definitely, kids throw the plates and bowls on the floor. Choose the unbreakable and non-slip material to avoid any breakage. Mamas and Papas offer various food equipments right for different age groups.
  • At an early age, offer your baby puree based food that can be eaten with a spoon. Start giving them the meal with soft spoon; otherwise the hard edges can harm the gums. It is better to choose a small size spoon that is heat resistant. Check the temperature control Tommee Tippee spoons at Mamas and Papas. After a few weeks, the baby will start showing resistance and ask to get a spoon. Encourage your baby to start practicing even if he/she is not eating properly. It is possible to give one spoon to your little one and another for you. Get benefit of Mamas and Papas code and order the best cutlery at discount rate.
  • Do not get dishearten if the baby does not show any interest in getting a spoon or spoon feeding. Try to dip the spoon in puree and keep the spoon near him/her. The baby will definitely explore the colorful spoon and try to grab in hands to taste the material.
  • Buy a bundle of plastic multicolored spoons. Fetch a different color spoon whenever you bring the meal. It will stimulate the kid to use the new spoon for feeding.
  • Getting the spoon feeding expert is not an effortless task. You must explore plenty of alternatives like buying a spoon with a dinosaur or bear image.

After passing the first 12 months, you can introduce the fork to eat the veggies and fruits. It is recommended to select plastic handle based soft fork. Metal prongs support in selecting the food items easily, but these can be harmful for the tongue or gums. When kids are using the fork and spoon, sit there and guide them how to pick the pieces of fruits.

Use bamboo bowl that are made up of silicone and keep the kids safe from toxins, PVC, phthalates and BPA. These weaning bowl offer powerful grip. These are sterilizer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Even if the kids are sitting in their feeding chairs, the non-slip bowls can stuck in the tray and make the mealtime easy-going for mothers. Refer Mamas and Papas Code and pick the best spoons, bowls, plates, and cups in the most vibrant colors.


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