4 Ways To Find Out The Purity Of Ek Mukhi Rudraksh

Rudraksha has a very significant story behind its origin. Basically, Rudraksha means tears of lord Shiva. Rudra means Shiva and Aaksha means tears. It is said in the Shiv Puraan that when lord Shiva was asked about the pain, sorrow and grief on the earth from Lord Bramha, he went to meditate for a prolonged period to give the answer. While meditating, his tear drops fell on many places in Nepal, Burma and India- Himalayas and Rameshwaram. These tear drops led to the origin of Rudraksha trees. The main species of these rudraksha trees is called Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. Now, there are many types of rudrakshas, and among them ek mukhi Rudraksha Price is the highest as it is rare to find.

And, as it is rare to find, people must know if the product or bead they are purchasing is genuine and real or not. There are various ways to test the purity of ek mukhi rudraksha.

Different Ways To Find Out the Purity of Ek Mukhi Rudraksh

  1. So, first thing first, this ek mukhi rudraksha in India is in demand as everyone want to wear ek mukhi.  Ek mukhi means one faced. So, people want to wear it; however, it is believed that if you wear this particular bead, you will leave your family within 12 days as this bead makes you willing to live alone and not compatible with others. It means that it is so powerful that it will direct your energies to be alone. In this case, it is best that if it is received from some siddh guru or a knowledgeable person rather than buying it on your own.
  1. Don’t just purchase it from any shop and try to put it on your system. Also, it is said that the original ek mukhi rudraksha will sink in water. If the rudraksha that you have purchased floats, it means that it is not real. Also, the original bead is slippery to touch like a stone’s surface; if it is coarse, again it is not real. So, basically, thorough knowledge is very important to buy ek mukhi rudraksha along with having the ability and capability to wear it.
  1. Then, price of ek mukhi rudraksha original will be much higher than other faced beads. There are tests like copper coin test and eye tests also to check the purity and originality of ek mukhi rudraksha. However, these tests need expertise. Like, in the copper coin test, the experts place the bead between two copper coins. If the bead rotates slightly as a result of  magnetic and physical properties, it is real; if not, it means the bead is fake.
  1. Moving further, in a rudraksha bead, the facets actually means deep lines from the upper to the lower part of the rudraksha bead. Looking at these lines, an expert can easily make out with a magnifying glass if the bead and the lines are real or man-made. Actually, nowadays many sellers make extra lines using a sharp object on the bead’s exterior surface. Hence, these beads can pass the copper coin test. Only an expert can tell the authenticity of the lines on the bead.

So, the crux is that this ek mukhi rurdraksha is rare to find, and that too the smallest size. The smallest sized rudraksha will always be on the higher side as far as the prices are concerned. It is mostly used for meditation as well as curing ailments like blood pressure and heart diseases. Hence, it is advisable to purchase it from the genuine people and it is best if a trusted person who has attained enlightenment gives it to you.

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