Few Strange Behaviour of An Escort That May Surprise You

When you book an escort then you may be quite impressed to see gorgeous escort girls with whom every moment can be a fantasy.

All high-class escorts available at Lovesita.com in Paris are really beautiful, articulate, socially astute and intelligent enough to intuit all your deepest desires.

However, when you really start dealing with them then you may be surprised by their certain weird behaviour. However, these are not without any reason.

Following are few weird things that may surprise you.

  • She prefers to call you at your hotel phone number

Hired escort girl may choose to call you on your hotel number as she wants to make sure that you are in the same hotel and your room number that you have provided to her is correct and not in any other location.

  • She never gives her full address

For her first-time clients, she will always give partial address. This is just to screen out those clients who can be timewasters. She will provide correct address once she is sure that the client is genuine.

  • She refuses for selfie or video call

Usually for first-time clients she will never prefer to send any selfies nor will she indulge in video call. This is entirely for maintaining her privacy. Once she gets familiarity with the client then she will not mind.

  • She often advertises her profile differently in different websites

Often you may find the profile of same escort whom you booked on different websites in different name or rate. This is only because she must be savvy business woman who is expanding her reach.

  • She might take other call while talking to you

Do not be surprised if she is taking calls of others as it is quite common in this escorting industry. In case, you are really bothered then you can tell her to keep her other phone away but you must also be prepared to face objections.

  • Though she may tell all her charges inclusive but charges extra

In this escorting industry it is called upselling which is very common. She will first try to entice her client with additional services which are not inclusive within her hourly rate. In case you want extra services, then be ready to pay more.

  • She will confirm her booking on the appointment day and not before

This is also very common in this industry as escorts will like to wait and see if she gets any better deal on that day. She may then change her plan for another client. Often, they also do double booking and if one client cancels then she will confirm.

  • She will try to leave early

Generally, most escorts see them as business women and try maximising her bookings. After she provides the required services and then she will indulge in some friendly chitchat, and thereafter feels no obligation for staying for entire booking duration.

  • She gets offended if you ask any personal question

Most of escorts never want to share anything about their private life, identity, her job, personal details and family etc. Those who often meet their girlfriend through conventional dating may find this weird.

  • She prefers to use her own hygiene products

They prefer to use their own hygiene product as they do not trust any other products used by their client.

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