Different types of blinds

As the world is moving toward a modernized structure, everything is getting advanced. One of the essential home accessories that serve as window solutions is the blinds. Below are some of the beautiful types of blinds one can choose for their home and office.

  1. Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made of aluminum, real wood, or fake wood. In order to make things simple, we will call them aluminum blinds or wood blinds. At the top of the Venetian blind is the headrail where the control mechanism is placed. These blinds also include decorative mosquito nets that match the blades. Apart from which options you choose, both include two controls:

  • One control to tilt the blades
  • Another to raise and reduce it
  1. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a type of artificial fabric that comes in a choice of one or two rollers. We call it a roller blind and double roller blind for simplicity. When using two rollers, we add a voile layer to reduce glare if the sun is too bright but paired with a layer of blackouts for the night.

The type of roller blind that is less common is daytime and blind night is sometimes called zebra curtains or duo blinds. They will stay with day and night window covering to stay simple. Day and night blinds are single cloths made of voile complex woven and blackout strips. When you open the blind roll, overlapping blackout strips block the sun – giving you control over the light entering the room.

  1. Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a luxurious choice to cover the window. Made of cloth thicker than a roller blind, they have stems that are sewn inside to make even folds. When you pull the cable, this blind is neatly revealed from the top of the window.

Because the blinds do not wrap the roller, they are available in various fabrics and textures. This adds another dimension to your window covering. What’s more, is that they also have various layers such as blackouts or thermal to choose from.

  1. Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are another choice of blind cloth. It works by having an open and closed cloth. Single pleated cloth is the simplest design, but they are also available in beehives or cellular patterns. You might find that some websites separated it, but the majority of the seller has tried to keep it simple and group everything.

The pleated blinds look great and are sold as part of the suitable ranks of blinds that stick directly to the window frame without screws or drilling. When arranged correctly, this window covering looks very amazing in the windows and doors.

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