Here’s Why Fellow Soldiers Loved And Respected Major Dick Winters

The veterans who fought bravely during World War II will forever be hailed as heroes and their service to the country will never be forgotten. Although there were thousands of soldiers who fought for the country, none come close to Major Dick Winters. His tale of heroism and leadership will always be remembered after generations have come and passed because they were chronicled through the book Band of Brothers that is now a hit television series from HBO.

What made the Major stand out above the rest? Why were his fellow soldiers so quick to follow his commands and stand by his side during the war? These are the best qualities of Major Dick Winters that have earned him the loyalty and admiration of the E Company:

Leading By Example

There was one thing Major Winters was always known for: staying on the front lines. While it is normal for the head of the battalion to stay back while giving orders to his men, Major Winters was different. He, along with every member of the E Company stood their ground and were always at the front lines of battle.

He was known as someone who would never give orders without doing them himself, enforcing a strong bond of trust between himself and every member of his band of brothers.

Compassion For Others

A typical image of a commander is one who is high strung and very ruthless towards his men; this is not the image associated with Major Winters. Unlike most commanders, during any war, he was known for his charismatic nature and his compassion as a leader. The Major was not one to bark orders simply to demean his men. Instead, he served as an inspiration of courage and of strong will, one that leads his troops to victory.

Courage And Hard Work

After watching just one episode of the HBO miniseries or after reading a few chapters of the book it was based on it is clear that Major Winters was a courageous man who believed in hard work. The Easy Company’s story of facing German soldiers armed with machine guns and coming out victorious is one that has been told over and over again without losing its value.

World War II was a tragic part of our world’s history, but one that is worth remembering until today. It is through the actions of the Easy Company as well as the many brave soldiers who fought in the war that we are free today. Major Winters is one of those who deserve the recognition they have today.

A Lifetime Of Loyalty

Major Winters earned the love, respect, and loyalty of his men and proved that they will follow him into hell with complete confidence in him. This is all thanks to his integrity, bravery, and love for his brothers. He is a leader whose footsteps are worth following. While the Major and most of the E Company have already passed, their heroism and services for the country will never be forgotten.

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