Sales Intelligence Guide for Beginners

Sales intelligence refers to a wide range of technologies like Sales Engagement that help people in the sales department find, monitor and understand data that provides insights into prospects’ and existing clients’ daily business. These insights help the sales team stay on top of changes in target organizations.

In this article, we will look into some aspects of sales intelligence and try to understand it’s working on the way.

Sales Intelligence in terms of sales prospecting

Sales intelligence platforms for sales prospecting help salespeople find the right companies for business based on various characteristics and track important changes in the target companies.

In many sales’ intelligence software, the salesperson can filter companies that fit their ideal customer profile and have recently sent out a buying signal, giving them a reason to make contact now.

By knowing these things about a company, a salesperson from companies like FlashCloud can ask the right questions, highlight the right features in their offer for this particular use case and create urgency for the right decision makers. They can do this by telling them how their solution can

  1. a) Help them solve their problems; b) help them seize a great opportunity.

In defining the ideal customer profile

If a salesperson needs to know the specific details about their dream customer, it is very hard to spot them head-on. The Sales Intelligence software helps them identify potential clients by compiling tons and tons of common grounds that help define the ideal customer profile.

This also helps in saving crucial time as the sales team can focus straightaway on clients that have potential other than trying to find out about every client’s interest with traditional methods.

Close the Sales Execution distance with Sales Intelligence

To make sure repeatable growth and boost success, organizations need data-driven strategies. Sales leaders need deep analysis into what’s working, where they can improve, and how to remedy issues before they become larger-scale problems. Reps need vital, up-to-date information on prospects — at the individual and account level — to personalize their outreach and provide the best customer experiences.

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