Selecting Eyeglasses or Frames According To Type of Face

Why some glasses look adorable at the optical shop but don’t look great on your face? Most people purchase the eyeglasses and regret when they try them at home. Finding the reason would be interesting. Several factors such as frame type, design, face shape and skin tones are involved in this story. management asks the buyers to keep a recently launched Max Coupon Code in order to buy best eyeglasses on discount. While talking about the recent COVID-19 situation, most experts believe that wearing face mask prevents transmission of virus but doesn’t keep your eyes safe. Ladies should think about the eyeglasses in order to avoid possible risks.

Here are some valuable points to consider when buying the eyeglasses.

What the Shape of My Face?

To determine the shape of face and which style of eyeglass will suit on your face, pull the hair away from face. Now look into a mirror directly. Take a closer look and try to judge the contours of head and face. You will find following face shapes after this analysis.

Oval Face Shape – An oval shape is ideal as it offers a balanced style. Ladies with oval face shape must choose an eyeglass that is broader than face. This style will look suitable on your oval shape face.

Heart shape face:

Heart shape face is a combination of broader top and narrow head. What type of frame will suit you? You must be highly selective in this case. Choose a frame that has a light color. Rimless frames are also good for an airy appearance.   

Oblong Face Shape:

This type of face is just like a rectangle. It has a broad head with broad bottom. Ladies with this face shape can easily choose a eyeglass or frame. Contrasting or decorative frames are suitable for your face. However, wearing too large or small frame will make your face little funny. Consider the Max Coupon Code whenever purchasing the top eyeglasses and frames.

Square Face Shape:

Ladies with broad forehead and long jaw face little trouble when they pick frames. Actually, this type face has similar proportions. You will need to soften the angles with the help of narrow frames. This will make your face more attractive and adorable.

Diamond Face Shape:

This type of face is narrow at jaw-line and forehead. Ladies with this type of face usually get bigger eyes and nose. Actually, your eyes and nose will appear prominently because of narrow jaw-line. Wearing rimless or oval glasses is helpful to keep your face attractive.

Round Face Shape:

Here comes the challenging part. Round face ladies usually don’t love broader frames. Picking thinner and narrower frames is suitable for such people. Wearing this type of frame helps to improve the look of your face.


No matter what type of your face is, it is necessary to pick the suitable eyeglasses and frames. Does cost matter for you? Consider the Max Coupon Code and place your order online. You will receive the selected eyeglasses or frames within a few days at home.

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