What are the Best Team Building Activities for Duty?

No business can survive without organizing teambuilding activities now and then. Communication is key when it comes to having a healthy working environment. To avoid conflicts in your office, try to show your employees attention and host a corporate teambuilding event.

There are tons of ideas out there, but here are the best ones with the highest success rates. Feel free to pick one out for your office:

1. Escape Rooms

The best kind of corporate team building event always has enthusiastic employees, a bit of fun and gags and intense puzzle-solving. Every single one of those can be found in an escape room. With choosing such a place for your next teambuilding activity you will strengthen connections, improve teambuilding, create new memories and awaken your long-lost adventurous soul. 

Research shows how after escape room games people feel more confident, fulfilled and joyous. Do not underestimate the power of a room designed as a pirate ship. All of us have a curious child somewhere inside. Sharing an escape room experience with your coworkers will surely give you new perspectives about your office.  

2. Movie Making

There isn’t a person in the world that hasn’t dreamt of either being in or making a movie. Everybody loves them, from children to elderlies! Movies improve lives and make this world a better place and thanks to the rise of technology, every single person out there can make a movie on their own.

For movie making at the office, you just need a camera, some mics, proper lighting and creative coworkers. Assign different roles to each other and get this movie rolling. Separate into groups and take on different responsibilities: screenwriting, editing, costume design, acting and so on. 

3. Word Association 

This game is highly recomended for companies with fewer employees. To play it, you need to create teams of maximum 4 members. The rules are simple.

In each cycle there are group leaders or those that have to explain the word to the other teammates. One of the group leaders tells a secret word to the others. Afterwards the group leaders have to explain it to their teammates only by using one other word. For instance, the secret word is “tree”. The word association which a group leader might use is “green” or maybe “leaves”. A cycle lasts until one group guesses the secret word. The group leaders must not share it with anyone of course and each group gets only one word per try.

By exchanging associations, you will get to see how your coworkers think, increasing your ability to understand their perspectives in the future. 

4. Eco Activities

People love contributing to society. This is why a largely recommended teambuilding activity is community work such as donating food or clothing, volunteering at shelters, assisting a nongovernmental organization. If you lack empathy and compassion in the office, these kinds of activities are ideal for your firm. 

Additionally, you can volunteer as a group in an ecological organization. Plant trees, remove garbage from parks or preserve wildlife. Later on you can use the acquired knowledge and improve greenery in your office as well.

One of the most effective ways for increasing office morale is to add more plants and flowers inside. People are more peaceful and kind around nature’s beauties. 


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