Animal Control Service Guide

Animal abuse cases can result in jail time and fines. So be sure to report the situation to the animal control service immediately. If you’re suspicious of abuse or neglect, you can install a surveillance camera and video the abuse. Then, the animal control service can view the problem in real-time.

If your neighbors have an annoying pet, there are many signs that you should contact an animal control service. Although barking dogs are not an immediate cause for alarm, a constant barking dog can indicate neglect or abuse. If you notice your neighbor’s dog continually barking, screaming, or thumping the ground, you should immediately call the animal control service and report the problem to them. Animal control will investigate and determine what to do.

Another warning sign to call an animal control service is if you notice an aggressive animal around your home. You may see the animal isn’t leashed or has no fear of you. Instead, it may be chewing on garbage or displaying aggressive behaviors.

An animal control service in Lubbock is available to help you with a wide range of animal-related problems. They can provide spay & neuter programs, vaccinations, licenses, pet adoptions, and more. In addition, they can assist you with bite reports, local animal complaints, and wildlife issues.

Criteria for animal control in Lubbock

Regarding animal control in Lubbock, Texas, some criteria must be met. Lubbock County Animal Control responds to calls about stray animals and aggressive dogs. It also offers vaccinations, licenses, and services for difficult-to-place animals.

The animal control act prohibits conditions for public health and the senses. Animals may be out of control on private property if owners fail to secure fencing or have failed to keep them inside. If the animal escapes, it can be impounded and put in a facility run by animal services.

In some instances, an animal may be euthanized humanely. This can occur when it is injured or suffering from an illness or disease. They may also be infected with harmful conditions to humans or other animals.

Exterminator certification is required for youths

The Lubbock County Pest Control Board has made exterminator certification for youths mandatory. However, they are not allowed to use firearms while controlling pests. In addition, they are not allowed to use dogs or crossbows during the control process. Local pest control companies had no immediate comment about the new law.

Spay/neuter program

Spaying and neutering your pet is essential to reducing the number of unwanted animals in the community. Pets will live longer and be healthier, and the SPCA of Texas offers spay/neuter services for low prices. In some ZIP codes, the cost is as low as $20. The price includes surgery, anesthesia, and post-operative pain control. All patients must be at least eighteen years old. Additionally, they may not have applied for the spay/neuter assistance program within the past year. Lastly, they cannot be stray animals.

The Spay/Neuter program at the animal control service in Lubbock recently expanded and updated its adoption voucher program. Instead of sending the payment to a member clinic, LAS will send the payments directly to the South Plains Medical Veterinarian Association. In addition, these vouchers can be used to pay for spaying or neutering a pet.

Criteria for evaluating wildlife removal companies in Lubbock

In the last rodent capture season, wildlife management areas in Texas killed 318 woodchucks. In addition, the wildlife management area system publishes its annual report detailing the number of dead woodchucks each year. In Lubbock, wildlife control professionals use various methods and techniques to eliminate pests.

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