Famous child actors off all time surrounded by scandals

Sometimes, we demand a lot from the celebrities in the middle of the show, and we forget that when it comes to children or adolescents, it is also about growing young people, who experience, who know, who live, who make mistakes and who need to break rules. It is part of life. Therefore, when a teen or child actor does something he or she should not, it gets them into a scandal, and sometimes the consequences are dear, including repercussions within work. We present to you a few nickelodeon scandals starring famous stars of all time.

Drake Bell

Drake Bell is one of the most recognized actors for having participated in different Nickelodeon youth series but he has also been the cover of the police pages for having been immersed in several scandals, one of the most serious being the alleged abuse against a minor and that could cost him his freedom. In the month of September 2015, the singer was stopped and arrested in Los Angeles for speeding but was able to regain his freedom after paying a $2,500 fine. One of the hardest hits the artist suffered was in 2017 when Stevie Ryan, an American presenter who was a partner of the artist for almost two years, was found dead in his apartment, a fact that was classified as a suicide.

Jessica Biel

The young woman was in a very familiar and even conservative program, 7th Heaven. Biel played Mary, the eldest daughter, whose father is a reverend. The actor exited the show around the fifth season, after posing scantily clad and sexy for a magazine. More controversial was that this happened when the girl was still 17 years old. She later returned as Mary in several episodes, but her character was removed as much as possible.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Nickelodeon had a hit with Zoey 101, a teen show starring Britney Spears’ younger sister. Nobody foresaw that Jaime would get pregnant at 16, while the target audience saw her as a role model. The matter caused quite a stir and the executives had to figure out how to resolve it. Since there was no way Jaime’s pregnancy was inserted into the plot by mistake, and the girl being the lead, Zoey 101 was eventually cancelled.

Sasha Mitchell

In the 90, people watched programs like ‘learning to live’. Another popular show was ‘Step by Step’, a family comedy about a couple who have six children between them. Cody was the cousin of the Lamberts and his character was a fan favorite. Nevertheless, when Mitchell, who played Cody, was accused of domestic violence, his character disappeared. The actor was later exonerated following the withdrawal of the lawsuit and Cody returned in the seventh season, but only for one episode.

Taylor Mommsen

Gossip Girl was an instant success and catapulted its stars to fame, including Taylor, who took on the role of Jenny, Dan’s innocent little sister. But Mommsen was not going the same way as the rest of her classmates and apart from joining a rock band, something that people saw with judicious eyes taking into account the girl’s minority, others began to brand her as irresponsible on set. The character of Jenny, who had been so important, was gradually relegated to secondary, until she completely disappeared from the show. Moreover, Taylor has not acted since.

Mitchell Musso

This young actor was one of Disney’s sure cards for a long, long time. He was first in Hannah Montana, where, perhaps not many know, his character wore long hair to cover ear piercings. Later the boy went on to star in the Pair of Kings program, this until he was arrested for driving while intoxicated, at age 20, one less than the legal age to drive in the United States. Disney severed all relationship with the boy and in Pair of Kings he was replaced by another actor, although a season after this, the program was canceled.

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