Medical Loan VS Medical Crowdfunding

What Do We Understand By Medical Loan?

Medical loan is used by people for various purposes especially during an emergency situation such as surgery, therapy, operation, etc. This is useful for recovering the amount that is needed at the time of the emergency. Nowadays, there are different policies to invest in medical loans in order to secure the future. A medical loan comes under the category of unsecured personal loans.

What Do We Understand By Medical Crowdfunding?

Medical crowdfunding is an alternating medium to raise money to pay for the expenses of the treatment. This is done through the internet by reaching a large mass of people. There are several ways to assemble funds for a treatment in India, but most of them lack in providing comfort and are inflexible in terms of crowdfunding for medical treatment.

Nowadays, it is observed that medical crowdfunding is getting a great response in India. It is observed that in India, there are many platforms from where one can raise money for medical crowdfunding. The need of medical crowdfunding is very necessary in India, as there are a lot of cases in India where only few of the people are insured. We have seen that the rate of medical inflation is high and still most of the people in India pay their medicals from their very own pockets. It is observed that the medical crowdfundingindia has gained its importance due to increase in the use of the internet and the importance the social media has gained. This has helped a huge number of people in need but even this platform has fake people who are using this platform for wrong purposes.  So, one needs to be very careful while using this platform. In India, it observed that the success rate of a treatment that is in need of the funds very urgently is higher than that treatment which is going to continue for a long period of time. The chance of getting completely funded is high in case of pediatric cases.

People have become relieved because there are sources for crowdfunding for cancer. It is a known fact that even with medical loans; it is very difficult to a person to treat cancer as it requires a huge amount of money for treatment. With the help of crowdfunding, people can now raise money and complete their treatment.

It is thus seen that though medical loan is a good medium during an emergency situation but it also has some flaws. It may happen that some companies from where one is applying medical loans can take a huge amount of interest rate and can make life difficult afterwards and the time for the approval of loan can also take time. While crowdfunding if used properly has huge success rate and accumulation of the funds if applied at the right place can be very helpful and fast.

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