Why Do You Need Immigration?

An immigration consultant is a necessary component to your immigration completion process. There are several reasons why you’d need an immigration consultant if you’re moving to Toronto, but you need to know what to look for. It’s important to know what to expect so that you can get through the immigration process more efficiently. You’ll also be able to look out for fraud so that you’re not taken advantage of when you’re ready to immigrate to Toronto.

One of the first things you should check for is whether the immigration consultant is a member of the Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. The council has regulations that consultants have to follow and if you don’t see certification, the immigration consultant may not be legitimate. Ask for this certification before you give the immigration consultant any paperwork or personal information pertaining to your immigration. It’s also crucial that you don’t take the word of the “consultant” if he/she tells you that your immigration application will be approved if you play an extra fee. You should only pay the fees that are authorized by the immigration council; any extra fees that are requested of you are likely for the immigration consultant to keep for his/herself.

It’s also important to let your immigration consultant know about your reasons for moving to Toronto. Be honest about why you’re planning to move to Canada so there are no problems with your immigration documentation later on. For instance, if you’re coming to Toronto to be with your significant other and plan to get married while living in the city, let your consultant know this. You may also be moving to Toronto to attend school, so be forthcoming about this information as well. However, if you don’t mention that you’re planning to get married and go to get the proper government paperwork when you haven’t made your immigration intentions clear, this could impede or slow the process.

If you’re moving to Toronto for professional reasons, let your consultant know which company you plan to work for. It may also be helpful to get documentation from the company you’ll be working for. This provides further proof of your intentions for being in Canada. If you’ve been accepted to a college or university in Toronto, getting a letter from the dean or admissions department that you can give to the immigration counsellor can be helpful. This can be kept in your file so that if there are issues with your visa, your consultant can have this paperwork on hand, along with any emails from the school or transcripts you can provide. Let the consultant know about your living situation as well, such as whether you’ll live with family or stay on campus in the dorm.

When you’re ready to start the immigration process and receive your visa, you should search for Toronto immigration consultants who specialize in your specific immigration situation. You’ll probably have a short consultation over the phone before going into the immigration office. The more information you provide, the more efficient the process will be.

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