Why It Is Essential to Exfoliate Skin through Body Scrub?

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Our body requires proper exfoliation to sustain the healthy and soft tone. Body scrub is the perfect product to remove the dead skin cells. The scrub basically contains the salt or sugar present in an oil base. The refined form of body scrub has premium skin polishing particles that cannot only take away the dead cells but give a glowing skin. Obtain Bath and Body Works promo code Egypt for receiving body scrub containing rice milk, shea butter, vitamin E, rose water, jasmine petals, coconut, cherry and sandalwood for maintaining smooth and fragrant skin.

Improvements through Body Scrubs

Human body has unvarying turnover structure. Dead skin mounts, discards naturally and exposes the soft underneath skin. With the growing age, the process gets slow therefore the dead cells gather on the skin. These cells receive environmental stress and pollution to make the skin itchy, rough and dull.

Body scrub is an exfoliating agent that eliminates the dead cells and promotes healthy skin. Exfoliation makes the skin smooth and takes out the impurities. In addition to removal of dead cells, body scrub is meant to improve the blood circulation and turnover of cells. It also makes the skin free of growing hairs and covers the razor strikes.

Sugar & Salt Scrub

Basically, the body scrubs have sugar or salt particles. Each of them has specific benefits. As far as sugar is concerned, less coarse and round shaped granules of sugar offer gentle exfoliation. Glycolic acid in sugar breaks the dead skin layers and improves the rehydration process. As a result, the skin maintains the moisturizing level. If you have dehydrated and dry skin, prefer sugar based body scrub to cover your imperfections. Acquire Bath and Body Works promo code Egypt for getting the body scrub of your choice on discount.

On the other hand, salt based scrubs have coarse granules. These are helpful in making the rough elbows and feet area smooth. The detoxifying nature of salt makes it a purifier that can discard the pore blocking toxin and give relief from congestion. Use salt body scrub to refresh your skin and healthy proceeds of skin cells.

If you are confused whether to use sugar or salt based scrub or want to get benefits of both exfoliating agents, select the body scrubs covering the both worlds. Combination of mineral rich salt and hydrating sugar work against the dryness and refresh the cloggy skin. Creamy lather re-emerges the skin and gives radiant healthy look.

Perfect Use of Body Scrub

Try to apply body scrub twice or thrice in a week for smooth head to toe skin. Before using body scrub, make the skin soft with lukewarm water. Keep on running the water on skin for ten minutes. After that use the scrub and start scrubbing in circulatory way from your feet to upward. It is not good to scrub hard. Wash the body. On dry skin, use body lotion or oil to enjoy bright and glowing skin. Receive Bath and Body Works promo code Egypt for selecting body care products on reasonable price.

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