What Is So Special About the Black Pearl Jewelry?

Black pearls are very rare and they come from oysters of South Seas. Most of the black pearls available in the market are in reality white pearls that are dyed. Black pearl jewelry suggests confidence, splendor and sophistication. By wearing them, you will definitely feel more confident and this will help you achieve successful outcome. Let us know more about them in detail.

How are black pearls formed?

When sand gets stuck inside the skin of a black oyster, it sucks up the color of the surrounding black layer and forms a black pearl.

What does mythology say about black pearls?

Black pearl jewelry is known to be the sign of prosperity and wealth due to their incredible value and rarity. According to the Chinese mythology, it was imagined that these pearls were formed inside the dragon’s head and so symbolizes wisdom. Black pearls even have religious symbolism and are considered to be lucky charm for people. Some people also wear them to get protection from evil spirit. It has been known to have miraculous healing powers.  

Are black pearls pricey?

Earlier it was quite expensive to get black pearls due to its rarity but nowadays, you can get them at much more affordable price. So, enjoy being mysterious and bold with black pearls.

What are the best ways to wear black pearls?

Black pearls are getting trendy nowadays as they are simply unique and create a style statement. These pearls are artistic, dignified, and enticing. Below are mentioned a few ways to wear black pearl:

  • You can wear them in the form of a dark accent to soft colors or bold patterns.
  • Match black colored pearl earrings with black dress and then flaunt them with your updo hairstyle.
  • Wear soft and cream-colored clothes with black pearls.
  • Use these pearls in distinction to metallics.
  • Try layering your black pearls on dark clothes. By carrying them correctly, this gothic combination will look modest and classy.


The dark gemstone has got a distinctive history, good fortune and natural rarity. Learning to wear these dark gemstones will boost your fashion game for sure.

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