5 Lesser-Known Facts of French Bulldogs

Among all the dog lovers of the world, the Frenchie dog breed is increasingly becoming the most loved breeds. These adorable puppies are not very big in size. However, apart from its cute tiny size and a smiley face, people don’t know much about the breed. Here some unknown facts about Frenchies:

  1. They Are Very Much Emotional

This dog breed tends to be sensitive, and they can be very moody if you scold them because of something wrong they have done. You can even see that your Frenchie is making a face on several occasions; it is a feature of a French bulldog. They can pout, smile, and also good at expressing their feelings. So, if you have one as your pet, try to provide them a positive environment as much as possible.

Let me share my experience with you here. My friend travelled to China with his Frenchie last year, however, at that time, China was celebrating Yulin festival. This festival is also called dog meat festival. While taking his pet on walk, suddenly he stopped on a food joined to have some snacks. In the meantime, his curious Frenchie started to explore places around him and he cam far away from his owner.

Some people caught the Frenchie and caged him since in the cruel dog meet festival, the demand of dogs remain unbelievably high. Trembling in fear, the Frenchie started to cry. He was looking for his owner. And what a relief!! He saw his owner is coming towards the van, in which he was going to be transported.

 My friend made him free and this dog avoided the most horrible fate aka the dog meat trade in China.  Once he got back to his own place, the pet used to be around him and protect him from every possible harm. This is how they love their owner. If needed, they can sacrifice their life to save the master!

  1. They Are English and Not French

Frenchies were first bred in England and not on France. Soon after that, they gained popularity among the upper-class elites of France, as many like hold them in lap because of its adorable nature. And eventually, they have become one of the most lovable bulldogs in the world. So, from now on, when you spot them, don’t get confused about their origins for France.

  1. They Can Be Vocal

Though French bulldogs do not have a booming bark, they can make their statement pretty much with their long howls, yawns, and growls. They are very much talkative. So, if you require a companion to sing along with you, then they can be your best pal.

  1. Frenchies have A Breathing Problem in Higher Altitude

French bulldogs face difficulty in breathing when they are on an airplane or mountain top because of their respiratory system. So, if you are on a tour that needs a flight journey, then you should leave your dogs to some of your close friends or family members.

  1. They Can Drown in Water

While many dogs love swimming in the pool, the French bulldog is an exception to the sector. They are brachycephalic dogs that means their head is much bigger than the skull, and they have tight nostrils. So, they can not correctly breathe when they are in the water, and they can sink in the pool. So, if you are heading off to the pool, make sure that your dog doesn’t follow you.

These are some unknown facts about French bulldog; however, if you have one, you know your dog better and about the loveable habits of them as well. Take care of them, award them with a cool French bulldog harness and let them enjoy every moment to the fullest!!

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